Kankakee Valley REMC makes first day of school fun for every child

Kankakee Valley REMC makes first day of school fun for every child

For the last six years, Kankakee Valley REMC (KVREMC) has hosted their Pack-a-Backpack program, a school supply drive that collects basic school supplies for less fortunate students from schools within their service areas. 

According to the National Retail Federation, families spend about $100 a year per child on school supplies. The Pack-a-Backpack program aims to cut that cost down for many families. 

“It’s a way of helping families out,” said Amanda Steeb, Communications and Marketing Director at KVREMC. “It’s our way to help them and the kids.”

Over 300 backpacks will be filled with basic school supplies such as pencils, glue, erasers, notebooks, and more. 

Backpacks will be given to schools within their cooperative service areas, including Morgan Township Elementary, South Central Elementary, Kouts Elementary, Wanatah Elementary, Washington Township Elementary, all elementary schools in Starke County, Boone Grove Middle School, and Westville Elementary School.

Donations will be accepted through August 1 at Kouts Public Library, LaCrosse Public Library, Wanatah Library, and Kankakee Valley REMC headquarters.

“Kankakee Valley REMC has continually been an avid supporter of South Central Schools.  We are grateful and appreciative!” said Benjamin Anderson, Principal of South Central Junior-Senior High School. “We're able to provide students with supplies they may not be able to purchase otherwise due to KREMC's generosity and willingness to collect supplies.  It's most certainly a worthy cause.”

“One of the most exciting parts of the first day of school is new school supplies,” Steeb said. “We are trying to touch the schools in our service areas.”

Become a part of the difference. To find the complete supply list, go to Kankakee Valley REMC’s website http://www.kvremc.com/images/2019-List.pdf.