King of ISTEP

By: Jake Sidwell Last Updated: February 25, 2011

Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” himself, made a reappearance for Parkview Elementary School’s ISTEP testing, and sang a few songs to encourage some excitement. This Elvis imitator did a great job fooling the students, as he sang some remade classics with lyrics inspired by the ISTEP tests. Despite the subject matter, the kids were thoroughly engaged and clapped excitedly with each song. Even the teachers joined in on the fun, sporting leather jackets and other 1950's-inspired clothing.

A few young girls gave their own choreographed dance performance of “Rock Around the Clock”, dressed in classic sock hop attire to support the event. Though it wasn't quite Elvis Presley, it certainly fit the atmosphere.
Once the performances were over, their teacher asked, “Wasn’t that awesome?” to which the students could only respond with a resounding, “Yeah!” Though, it was clear they weren’t ready for it to be over. They will begin the ISTEPs on Monday. Hopefully, these songs have sown a seed of excitement about the long hours of testing to come