Kotys Wealth Professionals host Ambassador Club and client celebration

Kotys Wealth Professionals host Ambassador Club and client celebration

Kotys Wealth Professionals hosted a glass blowing event for their Ambassador Club at Hot Shop Valpo, this past Thursday evening. The event was a way to share a meaningful experience with their clients, especially those who spread the word of Kotys Wealth Professionals and help to create new clients. There was a hand-blown glass demonstration, appetizers, cocktails, and a special surprise. Ambassador Club members were unaware that the piece of art created before their eyes would be theirs to keep. The large blue vase had an interpretation of the Kotys Wealth Professionals insignia.

“Our clients tend to enjoy artistic pieces,” Wes Kotys, President & CEO of Kotys Wealth Professionals said. “This is a great way to show our appreciation to those who have trusted us with their investments and life savings. They trust us and we appreciate them.”

For Kotys, financial planning can be serious business and the company enjoys events like these so their clients can get to know them in a non-business fashion. Kotys said that they have client events for the Ambassador Club and clients throughout the year --the glass blowing demonstration at Hot Shop Valpo is a favorite.

“Doing things like this speaks to the family-focus of our business,” Kotys said.

David (Dave) Lee, Owner & Founder of Hot Shop Valpo, said that his glass blowing business does events for all ages from Cub Scouts to retirement communities.

“This type of event is rare,” Lee said. “You are seeing an ancient art form it’s something really unique to do with your clients. It builds those relationships because it shows you care about them.”

Lee and his son, Bryan Lee, explained all steps in the glass blowing process. Watching the father and son duo make the vase, and communicating to each other while describing the steps to their audience was like watching a well-polished dance. Everyone in attendance was fascinated by the demonstration and asked a lot of questions.

Sarah Kotys, CFO of Kotys Wealth Professionals, said that she and her husband, Wes, started this business with people at the center. When Hot Shop Valpo opened 5 years ago, Kotys Wealth Professionals had their first memorable experience at the shop with their clients. In fact, they became friends with David and his family and are fans of their beautiful artwork.

“We have the good fortune of working with people we adore,” Kotys said. “We love our clients and giving them fun experiences. We treat them like family!” Kotys said.

For more information, visit Kotys Wealth Professionals website. To see more artwork from Hot Shop Valpo, click here.