Kotys Wealth Professionals’ teamwork mentality ensures excellent client care

Kotys Wealth Professionals’ teamwork mentality ensures excellent client care
By: Alayna Wilkening, Brittany Mikolajczyk Last Updated: June 27, 2022

While many financial advisory firms create competitive atmospheres that incentivize for more clients, Kotys Wealth Professionals has turned that model on its head. Truly a service-minded team, Kotys believes that working together makes the best experience for the client.

“Our goal is more about the fact that when we say ‘team,’ we mean it. When someone comes in here, they know where our strengths reside. If each of us strive to do our part well, for every client, this gives us the best opportunity to meet expectations.” said Wes Kotys, CFP®, AAMS, Founder and CEO of Kotys Wealth Professionals.

With six members on the team, Kotys has a firm with competent and experienced professionals to fully meet the needs of clients. When clients decide to work with Kotys, they will soon get to know everyone in the office and work with the entire team, not just one advisor.

“We feel that the team approach really helps exceed expectations. For clients, they typically receive much more than what they’ve previously experienced,” said Wes Kotys.

When married couple Wes and Sarah Kotys decided to combine their experiences and skill sets to create Kotys Wealth Professionals, their very next thought was this needed to be different. With client services being top priority, Sarah and Wes realized that what is best is not one person’s advice and guidance, but instead a team-based process. With this “meeting of the minds” approach, Wes and Sarah felt confident they could make something special.

Meet the Team

Wes Kotys, CFP®, AAMS, has over 20 years of experience in financial planning and investment management.  Prior to launching Kotys Wealth Management in 2007, Wes spent a decade with two major broker dealers.  Today Wes works with high-net-worth individuals, business owners, non-for-profits, and corporations with complex financial needs. 

His wife, Sarah, previously worked for the Indiana State Board of Accountancy as a governmental accountant and auditor. Wes’ brother, Ryan, also joined the team as a financial advisor in 2009. Ryan’s focus at the firm includes managing client relationships, 401(k) retirement plans, and helping Kotys’ clients build and maintain formal financial plans.

One recent change within the team has been the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Megan Myers, PHR®.  Megan joined the Kotys team in 2014 in a Client Relations role and has proven to be a vital part of the team providing strategic vision and leadership which lead her into the new role as COO.  Megan spearheads all operations for Kotys Wealth Professionals.

In addition, Mark Rosinski, CPA, CFP®, has been working for Kotys Wealth Professionals for three years. Mark has added a high level of tax/financial planning and detailed analysis to the firm, also focusing on client relationships.  Jennifer Reed, Director of Compliance brings 25 years of compliance and back-office knowledge, while specializing in account transfers and client operations.

“We believe that to do what we do well, we need to know at a very deep level our client’s financial picture and their financial situation. That’s what allows us to make good recommendations and lead them down the right path on all fronts,” said Wes Kotys. “Whether it’s tax or estate planning, financial planning, or investment management. We believe we need to know every detail to do what we do well, and that’s why we are unique in the we are a fiduciary 100% of the time for our clients.

Building meaningful relationships with genuine interest and care for clients is one of the firm’s core values. It’s with this strong, trusting relationship that clients feel they are in the best hands possible.  “We’re taking them through what can be a vulnerable process, followed by doing what’s in their best interest as a fiduciary, and that is a bit unique in our industry. Investment firms often act as a fiduciary at times, but then they offer product sales and other things that require the fiduciary hat to be removed for,” said Wes Kotys. “We have been very intentional about avoiding this, and it is very purposeful.”

The team at Kotys feels that working together provides clients with the best support available. Instead of one advisor handling an individual client, the team works together to provide the best plan possible.  Whether clients are individuals with retirement plans or business owners with longevity and growth in mind, they can expect the utmost care to be given to what they bring to the team. Individuals are not just entering a client-wealth management relationship; they are entering the Kotys’ extended family, fully giving their talents and expertise to the support their clients’ futures.

If you want to learn more about Kotys Wealth Professionals and the services they offer, visit https://kotyswealthpro.com/. To schedule an initial conversation, contact the office directly at 219-465-6924.