La Porte’s Cruise Night Shows Off Unique Cars in a Unique City

La Porte’s Cruise Night Shows Off Unique Cars in a Unique City

The 2019 La Porte Cruise Night was held on Lincolnway in La Porte on Saturday, June 8. Muscles cars of all kinds lined-up to cruise down the road and show-off their pride and joys. From Ford to Chevy to many more, the car spectacle did not disappoint. The night ride featured a drive from 6 - 8 p.m., followed by a celebration on State Street, with a band, food, and drinks.

Prior to the cruise was the Rusted Knuckles Car Show held at the La Porte County Fairgrounds. The event’s main sponsor was Rusted Knuckles, and was orchestrated with the help of the City of La Porte, the La Porte Police Department, and many volunteers.

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Among the cruisers included Erik Forrester who brought out his 1962 Chrysler Newport.

“I love coming out here and supporting La Porte,” said Forrester. “It’s a great way to bring tons of people together and really get the city involved in everything. It’s great that they are a part and that the Police Department helped block off the roads. Seeing the county support the cruise means a lot to all the participants.”

Forrester has owned his car for 4 years and has been coming to the cruise for 5 years.

“I don’t get to drive this car every day, and not a lot of people out here do either. It really gives the drivers a chance to show off their cars and drive them on a summer night like this,” said Forrester.

The summer night continued successfully as many gathered to dance along to the band “The Rock Doctors” while enjoying great food and drinks.

The event did an excellent job showcasing La Porte’s beautiful downtown atmosphere while also bringing families together to see their dream cars in their own town.

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