Lauren Quiett builds her dream career as Project Designer at Holladay Properties

Lauren Quiett builds her dream career as Project Designer at Holladay Properties

Life takes lots of twists and turns. For Lauren Quiett of Holladay Properties, the curves of life took her exactly where she belongs. As a project designer at Holladay Properties, Quiett works both logistically and creatively. 

“Almost 18 years ago I began working as part of a design team for a large developer in Carmel, Indiana,” Quiett said. “When I moved to South Bend I could not have found a better fit at Holladay Properties.”

On a daily basis, Quiett works with her colleagues to support every aspect of creating quality and maintaining quality commercial real estate. 

“[I] work with [Holladay’s] development team in our South Bend Office on a variety of projects from industrial to hotel hospitality,” Quiett said. “As a designer, I aid the developers in getting projects off the ground and helping manage those projects through the construction phase. Additionally, I get to be creative and develop interior schemes for finishes, furniture, signage, artwork, and more.”

Working on these diverse projects allows Quiett to not only extend her thinking but also to interact with amazing people. 

“With Holladay, I have been exposed to so many amazing projects with great teams of people,” Quiett said. 

Some projects that Quiett is particularly proud of were challenging and collaborative. 

“In 2019-2020 we built two Hilton Tru Hotels in Virginia and Maryland,” Quiett said. “These both were exceptionally challenging projects that were managed mostly remotely and were completed during the beginning of the pandemic. Both projects taught valuable lessons and are buildings we are proud of. We are also in the process of working on my first multi-family project near Notre Dame that allows lots of great collaboration and creativity.”

In addition to creating high-caliber projects, Holladay Properties allocates resources and time to supporting the community. This mission is essential to the work Quiett does. 

“Holladay’s mission is lived out each and every day by its leaders and employees,” Quiett said.  “We are encouraged and supported by our leadership team to work in our communities at the charities of our choice. Each year we are given time off during the workday to volunteer in our community. This is something I feel is unique and special that Holladay does to truly live out its mission.”

Working at a corporation that supports this type of volunteerism and collaboration supports Quiett and other working women.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have the support of Holladay Properties as I find balance in my life to raise my children and continue to enjoy an enriching professional career,” Quiett said. 

The first piece of advice Quiett would give other working women is to work for a corporation that supports its employees. 

“Partner with a company that supports you as a woman and a mother (if that is your path),” Quiett said.

Quiett encourages others to “be honest with yourself about your expectations. Those expectations can evolve and change over time. That’s okay.”

In addition to working, Quiett’s main passion is her family. 

“I am a mother of three,” Quiett said. “My stepson is a sophomore and plays a variety of high school sports. We love to attend all of the football, basketball, and rugby games that we can. My other two children are four and seven. My world outside of work revolves around the three of them and our parish community at St. Monica’s.”

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