Life on the Streets with GreatNews.Life

Life on the Streets with GreatNews.Life

GreatNews.Life founder Chris Mahlmann has taken to the streets across the region!  The Life on the Streets video series encompasses a tour displaying the personality and history of cities throughout NWI with short videos featuring Mahlmann and the Region’s mayors.

The series will be published on GreatNews.Life's four websites and corresponding social networks: NWI.Life, Valpo.Life, Portage.Life, and LaPorteCounty.Life throughout the year.  

“It will always be our priority to inform our readers and followers on the positive news topics that are most important to them," Mahlmann said. "We can think of no better way than to connect the community with those who are working in the public and private sectors to grow our communities and pull them toward success."

Future Life on the Streets videos will include the cities of Hammond, Whiting, and Crown Point. To keep up with the latest Life on the Streets episodes, like and follow our life site Facebook pages: NWI.Life, Valpo.Life, Portage.Life, and LaPorteCounty.Life.

Hobart Mayor Brian Snedecor

In this segment of Life on the Streets, Chris Mahlmann and Hobart Mayor Brian Snedecor talk about the future of Hobart.  This includes the development and completion of the new Third Street Bridge, the goals for the Hobart housing market, and the brand new Veteran’s Elementary school.  Snedecor highlights the success of Albanese candy, as well as how the City of Hobart and himself have adapted to COVID 19.

Portage Mayor Sue Lynch

In this edition of Life on the Streets, Chris Mahlmann and Portage mayor sit down to get caught up on all of the happenings in Portage.  They discuss the camaraderie among community members in Portage, give updates on the historic Garyton school project, the Port of Indiana, as well as the partnership between Portage YMCA, Portage Township Schools, Portage Chamber of Commerce, Portage Economic Development, and Portage Fire, Police, and Parks department.

La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody

In this segment of Life on the Streets, La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody and GreatNews.Life founder Chris Mahlmann go out on to the streets of La Porte! The two talk about the current developments happening in La Porte including the boardwalk over Clear Lake and the revamping of the Maple Lane Mall, partnerships with the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte and La Porte Hospital, and plans for the city to grow in residents over the next few years. Watch the video here!

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