Links of the Week: Chicago Cubs, Consumer Submarines, and Steve Urkel is Back

Links of the Week: Chicago Cubs, Consumer Submarines, and Steve Urkel is Back

There was a time when seeing the Chicago Cubs make the playoffs made me jump with joy. After seeing them win the title in 2016, this week's accomplishment just seems a little... dull.

Maybe it is the length of the baseball season. They started playing in *March* - it is now nearly October. Baseball is a such a long season that, for this Links of the Week writer, interest can be lost. This team was too good to get sucked into a lot of the drama from early. "Oh, Schwarber is bad now!" Oh really? He just hit 30 home runs. "They are stuck at .500!" Oh really? That was when there was still 80 games to play. 80! My goodness that is a long season.

Anyway, I am excited to see what this team can do now that it really matters. *jumps on smug high horse*

You see, after we won the title (yes, "we")... the real baseball season begins in October.

Here are your Links of the Week:

Here’s an interesting look at how certain startups are starting to get into the world of “journalism.” I put journalism in quotes there, because they’re really just creating content associated with their brand. [The Ringer]

I remember writing way back when about how Facebook, Microsoft, and Telxius were about to drop a huge sub-sea cable capable across the Atlantic Ocean, delivering data 16 million (!) times faster than the internet you used to read this. This past week they completed it. [The Verge]

Urkel has a new show! [Hollywood Reporter]

Game of Thrones announced their budgets for each of the episodes for their final season: $15M per episode, or $9M more than the previous season, PER EPISODE. Dragons gotta fly, and dragons cost a ton. [Warming Glow]

I am the enemy of #FlatEarth truthers. [Mashable]

If you’re like me, you make a lot of decisions every day. If you don’t make them quickly, they build up, and they you need to prioritize. While staying organized helps, Harvard Business Review offers up another option: a 2x2 grid. [Harvard Business Review]

This limited edition Aston Martin submarine has to be the first consumer level submarine on the market, right? [The Verge]

The NBA announced a new lottery format for their draft, right in time for the Bulls to plan their tank-a-palooza. I was listening to a podcast last month and they indicated the sense around the league was they were six years away from making the playoffs, and that was before this announcement was made. Bulls are gonna’ Bulls. [Blog a Bull]

Mean Tweets FTW. Have a good weekend.