Links of the Week: Kids Running Trick Plays, Arrested Development, and Introducing the Video of the Week

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: October 9, 2009

Last night, I just finished my second season in Madden 2010 on my XBox 360, and I realized something: it's impossible to be too old for video games.

Maybe it was because I heard "How can you always have time for video games?!?!" from my girlfriend, but it's true-- no matter how much I have going on, I still have time to take on the Lions in a Week 9 fake football game. Now, I have a (sometime more-than) full time job, a house, lawn to mow, a car to take care of, dishes to wash, a house to clean, blah blah blah I could go on. But she's right, I somehow just finished my second full 16-game season in Madden, right after winning the 2010 Super Bowl last season (19 game season). So I've played 35 fake football games in the past month, each taking about an hour a piece. To some, that may be ridiculous. To me? Totally normal.

So, on the thought that no matter how busy you are, you can still have time to beat up on the Lions, I give to you, the Links of the Week:

(Now I'll go play Rock Band)

In the latest Bill Simmons column, he breaks down the debate of "What is the greatest month, April or October?" He eventually decides on October, but forgets one of the key components: the start of the college basketball season! I always get pumped for the year to begin (mainly because of my dislike for college football), but this year my Boilers have a chance at the Final Four. Here's an article from USA Today about the Boilers, and here's a breakdown of the Big Ten for good measure.

A big sign that a lot of public companies don't spend their money well: 43% of their tickets were wasted last year.

Here is some wonderful news from the movie industry: The much-anticipated "Arrested Development" movie is moving along! For those of you in the dark, Arrested Development in on the Mount Rushmore of the best TV comedies of all time. The show, which barely lasted three seasons (and won two Emmys for Best Comedy) was taken off the air after a couple of low rated seasons on Fox. Wonder why? The show's target audience is in the young male demographic, and for some reason, Fox put this show up against Monday Night Football. Ugh.

Whatever football coach taught these kids this play either deserves a medal or he should not be allowed to coach kids anymore, and there's no middle ground.

You know it is NBA season when John Hollinger releases his preseason '09-'10 individual player projections. Hollinger in the NBA version of a stat-head, and he bases all of his basketball IQ around statistics. While stats are certianly more subjective in basketball more than any other sports, its a good skim-through for NBA fans and fantasy basketball players.

Going back to college basketball, some guy over at ESPN put together a complex mathematical formula to rank the Mens College Basketball Division I programs all-time. He failed. (Although I like the #7 rating for my Boilermakers). It's hard to justify teams like Illinois, that have never won a national championship belonging in the top ten.  Teams in the Big Ten get special treatment since they've been around the longest, but whatever, I like lists.

Brock Lesnar: Former WWF champion. Former Minnesota Viking. Current UFC Champion. Possible crazy person? Good read.

Malcolm Gladwell, probably the smartest guy I've ever read, writes about a group of scientists who discovered a thing on the end of a gene that makes you age... Um, I'll let him explain.

I link to YouTube clips a lot, I get it. But, for whatever reason, it dawned on me that I should be putting a Video of the Week online, here, for you! I've been trying to figure out a way to end this whole "Links of the Week" blog for a couple of months now. I've tried the "Have a good weekend!" approach, NFL Football picks (which failed miserably), a half hearted "Until next week!", and even asking folks to send me links (which you still can, by the way). Well, what better way to end the Links of the Week than to pick the best video I've seen online this week and share that with Valpo community! Here is The Band playing "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" from the Last Waltz (best documentary ever, by the way). You're welcome.