Maker Movement Takes Hold at Cooks Corners in 2016

Annie-BradyThe Maker Movement has taken hold at Cooks Corners Elementary School. Thursday, March 17 the movement culminated in the second annual Cooks Corners Makers Fair. Students from all grade levels participated in the fair. One kindergartener wrote and illustrated a book, then turned his book into a movie. One participant created a variety of homemade scented soaps. Another group of participants used upcycled materials to make a new and improved hamster cage for Humphry the hamster. Not only did Makers Fair attendees enjoy seeing the creativity of their classmates, they also participated in catapult making, gravity painting, and computer coding. Fifth grade Makers Club members helped the fair run smoothly.

Miss Annie Brady, fifth grade teacher at Cooks, sponsors the fifth grade Makers Club. In the months leading up to the fair, fifth grade club members met every Friday after school in the Cooks Corners Makers Space (Miss Brady’s classroom) to collaborate on their projects for the Fair as well as participate in STEM activities. Students dabbled in computer coding, 3D printing, and robotics. Club members were instrumental in helping to run the 2016 Cooks Corners Makers Fair! Makers Fair members were the “go to” catapult builders, gravity painters, and computer coders.

At the end of the day, it is students who are truly at the center of the Makers Movement. The movement encourages students to create, tinker, engineer, try and fail and try and fail and eventually succeed. Cooks Corners looks forward to participating in the Makers Movement for many years to come!