Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays

Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays

This week, our VCS middle school Media Specialist, Jennifer Hurley, visited the YMCA to lead a group of young learners through a variety of LEGO building challenges. Each student received a sandwich bag filled with random pieces -- of various colors and sizes, specialty pieces, etc. -- and were given a “challenge”: Use your pieces to free-build something within a specific period of time.

Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020

Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020 8 Photos
Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020Makerspace on Wheels Wednesdays 2020

A favorite included students designing a ride or activity for a playground, similar to a ride or activity that students enjoy at ValPLAYso. They built epic slides, obstacle courses, and much more! 

This library program is designed to provide “unplugged” in-person independent learning opportunities for our VCS students on eLearning days. The initiative follows the idea of a school library being a shared space, a community space. In the current environment, staff and materials can travel to establish and continue the sense of togetherness that is normally created when individuals inhabit a library.

Mark Maudlin, Thomas Jefferson Middle School Principal, adds, "This is a great way for students who will be coming into middle school in a few years to begin building positive relationships with middle school staff members. Those positive relationships will help in the continued efforts to promote literacy for all students."

Next up? Students have requested Play-Doh, origami, and various crafts. We’ll also try to fit in storytime as well!