McAfee Animal Hospital Celebrates 75 Years in the Valparaiso Community at Furry Friend Filled Open House

McAfee Animal Hospital Celebrates 75 Years in the Valparaiso Community at Furry Friend Filled Open House

Saturday morning, McAfee Animal Hospital hosted an Open House celebration for their 75th  year of service within the Valparaiso community. The day began by preparing all of the food, setting up the tents around the clinic, and taking a big group photo before guests started arriving.

“We are super excited to celebrate our years of operation and are quite excited that we have the chance to spend the day with the community and employees,” stated Jennette Rudzinski, Manager of McAfee Animal Hospital.

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As guests made their way through the entrance, they were able to enjoy some activities such as face painting, taking a tour inside the facility, seeing a K9 unit do some tricks, visiting with horses, and eating delicious snow cones and Culver’s custard.

“It is so important to be present today because we want to show unity and kindness. We are all here to celebrate each other and show how much we value this family business,” Catey Violanti, Financial Manager for McAfee Animal Hospital.

Furry friends and their owners walked around to different tables and exhibits, getting the chance to grab something to eat, meet some miniature horses, and learn all about different animals such as turtles and even snakes. They even got to know some of the friendly furry puppies and dogs from Lakeshore Paws, who was there to raise awareness about adoption and to spread the word out to the community about who they are.

“I have been going to McAfee Animal Hospital since they were at their old location many, many years ago. I attended the 50th anniversary celebration and to be here today for the 75th year celebration is just so special. We have worked with all of the doctors here and they are all so talented, but right now we are with Dr. Brooke and she is just a God sent blessing,” stated Dawn Pressel, an attendee.

Once guests had the chance to grab something to eat and enjoy some of the festivities, Dr. Larry Mcafee introduced the family, doctors, and everyone on staff. Dr. McAfee explained how much he enjoyed spending time with his father at the office. The company started with his father back in the 1940’s and to this day, the company strives to be a part of the community with events such as the Open House.

Even Mayor Jon Costas of Valparaiso said a few words about McAfee Animal Hospital, stating how excited and happy he was to be there celebrating 75 years with a family-run business that has always supportive and active in the community in any situation. This sentiment was shared with everyone else in attendance.

“We have been customers of Dr. Larry’s for 25 years and we are just so happy to be here today to celebrate a family business with everyone from the community. I have Dr. Brooke’s cell phone number on me and she is there for me whenever I need her,” said Kristen Tincher, an attendee of the Open House. “I can not thank all the doctors and staff enough for always going above and beyond, even after hours.”

Through the windy rain and sunshine and a little bit of help from a DJ, McAfee Animal Hospital hosted a fantastic 75th-anniversary celebration for the surrounding community, clients, and staff. To find out more about Mcafee’s Animal Hospital you can visit