McAfee Offering Blood Panel Special for the Month of November

By: McAfee Animal Hospital Last Updated: November 5, 2012

FelineLeukemiaNovember Special: Canine and Feline Senior Blood Panels 30% OFF!! (now $90, that's a $35 savings!!!)

Geriatric Bloodwork is a diagnostic tool that provides important information regarding your pet's health. Testing gives us blood values that may be normal or may point to specific organ disease. If detected early, several diseases can be effectively managed to give your pet a longer, healthier life!

Senior blood panel includes:

Comprehensive Chemistry Panel- checks Liver, kidneys, cholesterol, electrolytes, blood glucose, pancreas, proteins and calcium

CBC- Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets

Thyroids- T3 and T4

*Feline panel also includes feline leukemia test and feline infectious anemia (FIA)