Meet Catherine Craigin, Listing and Transaction Specialist for the Olga Petryszyn Team

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: May 26, 2014

Cathrine-CraiginMeet the next part of the trifecta from the McColly Real Estate of Valparaiso's Olga Petryszyn Team. Her name is Catherine Craigin. She is the Listing and Transaction Specialist for the Olga Petryszyn Team.

Craigin's primary focus is on processing the listing and sales files. Corresponding with cooperating brokers and transactions affiliates as well as servicing the client's needs are daily activities.

Coming into the real estate industry in 1999, Craigin has quite a few years of experience that she brings to the team. She was a broker for many years and did some commercial appraising before coming to the Olga Petryszyn team. 

"I've been in real estate for a long time so I have a good understanding of what our clients need," Craigin said. "I do my best to accommodate them. Communication is key in our business so making sure that our clients are happy and up-to-date on different things that are going on with their listing or sale is very important."

Craigin came into the real estate industry looking for a fulfilling career that allowed her to be challenged and provides variety. She came to Petryszyn's team through the recommendation of Amelia Kowalisyn, the Buyer Specialist for the Olga Petryszyn Team.

"Ameilia let me know that Olga was looking for another team member. I found that a lot Olga's ideas matched the way that I felt clients deserved to be treated. I was honored when she asked me to join her team," Craigin said.

As there is always something happening in real estate, Craigin never has a shortage of things to do. Helping Petryszyn and Kowalisyn, as well as assisting buyers and sellers keeps Craigin busy and happy.

"Experience and communication set us apart from other real estate teams," Craigin said. "All three of us communicate about our work on a consistent basis and we make it a point to keep track of all interactions that we have with our clients so that we know what's going on. Any of our customers can call anyone of us at anytime and get an update on what's going on with their particular transaction."

Many real estate groups have leaders and other members that have different concentrations and specialties. Craigin explained that what makes Petryszyn's team different is that all three of them are well-versed in the many parts that make up real estate so no matter who one deals with on the team, one will always get expert help and care.

"We all have our specific jobs, but we all have experience in every aspect of the transaction process so we're more than willing to help in any part," Craigin said.

Outside of work, Craigin and her family volunteer and foster for Lakeshore PAWS. They have fostered and helped to find forever homes for 35 dogs last year and hope to top it this year. The entire family is very helpful with the animals.

"My kids enjoy it. They really step up. If there is a dog that needs medicine or who has behavioral issues they take charge and make sure that the dog gets what it needs," Craigin said. "Caring for something is a great way to learn responsibility. My daughter's favorite saying is 'He (the animal) might only be here for a part of your life ... but for him, you are his whole life'."

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