Meet the family behind CompressAir

Meet the family behind CompressAir

Since 1987, CompressAir has provided some of the world’s most notable compressed air systems in the Northern Indiana and Chicagoland area. The company has built a reputation for offering their customers the most efficient, reliable products and air systems on the market. Alongside its pride in being the area’s leader in compressed air systems, the company takes pride being family-owned and operated.

CompressAir customers know the company’s unmatched service, but some people might not grasp just how deep family values run through the company’s veins.

“To me, being a family-owned business means helping those around me regularly, from my employees to CompressAir’s customers,” said Andy Crowl, owner and president of CompressAir. “My two sons, Tyler and Maverick, also own and work for the company. Tyler’s role at CompressAir is the Sales Manager. While Maverick is still in college working to graduate with a business degree, he is still here every day working closely with all of our departments to learn all of the attributions of this company.”

The family-owned business based out of La Porte and Elkhart has been serving Northern Indiana for more than 30 years. CompressAir provides sales, service support, and air audits to help customers with their air system inquiries. With some of the most talented Air System Specialists in the business, Crowl knows the importance of treating their experts like family.

“By being family-owned, I have been able to get to know my employees and their families, too,” Crowl said.

Before becoming the owner of the most well-known compressed air company, Crowl worked as an air system service technician for many years. Through Crowl’s experiences, he became an expert in the compressed air system industry and receive the U.S. Department of Energy AIRMater+ Specialist title. His expertise enables him to know the ins and outs of the equipment his company now sells.

“As time went on, I decided it was time for me to focus on a different path in my career,” Crowl said. “Once I purchased CompressAir I learned quickly, I was a service technician, I was very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of service, which meant I needed to search for highly creditable employees for the other departments of the business.”

For the expert team at CompressAir, being family-owned means being able to offer products and services corporate companies can’t match.

“When it comes to CompressAir’s customers, I feel that being family-owned allows my sales team to visit with our customers regularly,” Crowl said. “Our customers don’t have to call in and expect to talk to a robot, they instantly are speaking with someone who can quickly and easily get them to the correct person to be assisted. We’re able to tailor to the needs of our customers.”

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