Meet the Manager at Levin Tire in Hobart

levin-tire-hobart-2The chilly morning was quickly warmed by the welcome that I received upon walking into the Levin Tire and Service Center in Hobart, IN. There is a new manager there and I went to meet him.

The new manager's name is Jerry Fairchild, but many know him as "Butch". Though he is new to the Hobart location, he isn't new to the company.

"I've been with Levin Tire for about 18 years," Fairchild said. "I was a manager a few years ago. So they offered me this opportunity here and I took advantage of it and came out here."

Previously, Fairchild was in sales at the Valparaiso location for Levin Tire. The manager before him at the Hobart location, Dave Goodman, transferred to the Valpo location. As a manager he has more responsibilities such as: overseeing his staff and helping them with whatever they need, making sure that the store is running in top condition, ordering the correct parts and supplies, and other tasks.

Right now Fairchild plays the part of manager and salesman. He has big plans for the Service Center.

"We are going to try and get our car count up a bit and bring in some new customers," Fairchild said. "I want to do more with our wholesale accounts. I've been working with wholesale accounts for a long time and I know a lot about them."

Fairchild lives locally so he knows the area and the people know him. This is a good person to play liaison between the consumer and the company because people will stick with what (and who) they know and like. Fairchild is someone that the locals know and like so the Levin Tire and Service Center of Hobart is in good hands.

"Customers that I worked with at other locations now come here to work with me and get good work at a good company," Fairchild said. "Levin Tire is a fair company. They treat their employees well and I have no complaints."

So if you want to get your car, truck or SUV serviced but you don't want to go to just any old place, take it to Levin Tire and Service Center. From beginning to end you will get the experience that you and your vehicle deserve.