More Mud Training? Hill Yes!

Mud-training-campAs the title suggests, there were hills involved in this week's Extra Mile Fitness Mudathlon training session.

This time we ran from the Extra Mile HQ to the sand volleyball courts at Valparaiso University. The courts are at the bottom of a LARGE hill. Laura, our personal trainer and temporary boss for the evening lead the activities. We did hill sprints, beast crawls through the sand pits, and partner shoulder touches.

Sand places that it shouldn't go... I guess that's practice for Mudathlon. If you don't like to get dirty, then stick to the unfun races. 

exmi-popsiclesAfter all the running up and down the hill and crawling in the sand, we ran back up the hill one last time and hoofed it back to Extra Mile. We were greeted with popsicles and a raffle drawing. All who are on the Mudathlon Training team get to enter a drawing each week for neat stuff.

If you are looking to get in on the Mudathlon race, join my team! MuddyLifers is a fun group and we'd love to have you with us! Click here to sign up!

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