NorthShore Health Centers blankets lawn with Easter fun

NorthShore Health Centers blankets lawn with Easter fun

The team at NorthShore Health Centers scattered 15,000 brightly colored easter eggs on the Portage Boys & Girls Club’s lawn on Saturday. The 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was an “eggcellent” chance for families to enjoy celebrating the holiday together.

“We want to create memories,” said Gervay Dickerson, NorthShore Event Coordinator. “This was a free community event where families can come, feel safe, have a great time, and learn about NorthShore and the Boys and Girls Club.”

Each child collected eggs filled with goodies in their baskets, and the adults received a bag containing healthcare information. Dickerson explained that one way NorthShore reaches the community with this important information is through enjoyable events like these.

Around 600 kids ran through the humongous field, and collected all the eggs in record time. It only took about 15 minutes for the grass to become a blank, green slate. The event was well planned and even had an area designated for tiny tots. Even though the activities were scaled down from years prior, it was a major hit for all in attendance. After the rush, there were tons of smiling kids as they explored the surprises inside their eggs. Parents expressed a lot of gratitude and positive feedback to Dickerson.

“We planted the eggs a lot farther out this year, which allowed the kids to be physical, run, and get wild,” Dickerson said. “There is a method to all this madness.”

For Dickerson, NorthShore is all about health, and that includes the entire person. Events like the easter egg hunt are becoming a treasured tradition for many families, promoting love, community, and happiness.

“The NorthShore facebook page is where people can stay up to date on all the fun events we do,” Dickerson said. “We do all type of events for families and patients, and you don’t have to be a patient to come. We have so many different celebrations that go on throughout the year and you can learn about all the services we offer, too.”

NorthShore works in so many ways to ensure inclusiveness of all community members. For more information about NorthShore and their upcoming events, visit their Facebook page at