NorthShore Health Centers Loads the Bases for Annual Men’s Health Fair with the Gary SouthShore Railcats

NorthShore Health Centers Loads the Bases for Annual Men’s Health Fair with the Gary SouthShore Railcats
By: Dan Petreikis Last Updated: June 18, 2018

A warm summer day is a wonderful thing, and it’s even better if spent enjoying a leisurely game of what is often referred to as America’s pastime. But, what’s better is being able to do just that while taking care of your health at the same time. NorthShore Health Centers is happy to celebrate their relationship with the Gary SoutShore Railcats by offering their annual Men’s Health Fair at US Steel Yard in Gary, Indiana. This year marks the fifth year for the event.

Denise Carpenter is Lead Community Outreach Coordinator for NorthShore Health Centers.

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“We have a good partnership with the Railcats. They’re very active in the community, and so is NorthShore, so this is sort of a grand slam,” Carpenter said.

The event is held each June, to coincide with Men’s Health Month.

“We feel that this works well - it’s a great time to bring your dad out, enjoy a great game, and remind them how important it is to maintain good health. Statistically, men are less likely to go see a doctor,” Carpenter said. “We don’t know why that is, but we do know that we can help with that by offering affordable, comprehensive health exams to help diagnose and even prevent potential health issues before they can do serious harm.” 

“We are happy to offer discounted men’s health screenings for the entire month of June. We encourage men to come in, get some blood work done, get a thorough physical exam and a consultation with a doctor. If men only do one exam a year, we encourage them to do it now.”

Carpenter says this the annual event is a natural fit, and an excellent opportunity to promote men’s health issues.

“We like to reach out to the community wherever they are,” Carpenter said. “We know how influential the Railcats are, and we feel It’s a good place to catch up with as many men as possible. Trying to get people to come into a clinic can be daunting, but here, we can speak to people in a normal, natural environment. We can offer information and encourage them to take care of their health. Also, we can invite some local health partners such as Kauffman Chiropractic, Anthem Medicaid, the Tobacco Education and Prevention Coalition, White’s Residential and Family Services, Highland Acupuncture, the Centers for Pain Control & Vein care and several others, to come out, join us, and offer more information to help people make good, informed health choices.”

Amy Ruiz, Outreach Specialist for Anthem Indiana Medicaid was on hand to greet visitors and offer information.

“Anthem Medicaid offers health insurance through the state of Indiana. We are happy to be here today to support the health and wellness fair and encourage people to get their annual checkups. Even if they don’t feel they have any problems, preventative healthcare is a must,” Ruiz said.

“We have a great relationship with the Railcats, as well as with NorthShore Health Centers, and we’re happy to be here for such a wonderful event.”

Dan Kurpis is a lifelong Hobart resident. He works as an automotive service technician at Harbor Buick GMC in Portage, Indiana.

“It’s a beautiful day, and the Railcats are a great team to come and watch,” Kurpis said. “I heard that NorthShore would be out here today and felt that would be a good opportunity for me and others to stop by and get some information.”

Kurpis says he got his blood pressure checked in between innings and even won a set of tickets to an upcoming Railcats game from the NorthShore booth at the fair.

“My BP checks out, so I’m pretty happy about that,” Kurpis said. “There are a lot of people who are underserved in the community. This is a good opportunity for them to come out and learn about their health in a low-pressure, no-commitment environment. And they can watch the game and have a good time while they’re here.”

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