Olga Petryszyn Team Client Appreciation Picnic Ends the Weekend on a High Note

The sounds of sizzling hot dogs and the laughter of old friends reuniting filled Thomas Centennial Park in downtown Chesterton Sunday afternoon for the Olga Petryszyn Team Client Appreciation Picnic. The team partnered with Hot Diggity Dawg – a local hot dog stand – to provide a free lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and soda to their top 150 clients.

The Olga Petryszyn Team is in the business of finding and buying the perfect homes for their clients.

"We try and find out exactly what our client is looking for," Amelia Kowalisyn, Buyer Specialist for the Olga Petryszyn Team, said. "We try to narrow down their choices and find the right homes for them. Purchasing a home is a big event in your life, so we hope to make it as smooth a process as possible."

Keeping the process of buying a home easy and worry free is something the team specializes in.

"We do everything to make the transaction smooth for our clients while keeping them informed of what's going on so that they're not surprised by where the transaction's at and when we're going to close," Catherine Craigin, Transaction and Listing Specialist, said.

All members of the team agree that their business would not be possible without their clients.

"We think our clients are very important," Olga Petryszyn, Executive Broker of the Olga Petryszyn Team that bears her name, said. "It's very difficult to keep in touch with all of the people we've worked with over the last 32 years. So by having this appreciation picnic, we get to see our clients, talk to them, see how their children are growing and how their lives are changing. We really do want to give back."

It quickly became apparent that the relationships between the Olga Petryszyn Team and their clients extend far beyond the business sphere.

"We become friends with so many of our clients because you really do become very close during the process of buying a house," Kowalisyn said. "It's an emotional process, and we really cherish the relationships that we build."

As people hugged, shook hands, and laughed together over their picnic lunches, these friendships were on full display.

"We really appreciate our clients; they're not just our clients, they're our friends," Petryszyn said. "Working with them has been our pleasure and we hope they are repeat customers. We can't thank our people enough. The best part of this business isn't just the closings but the friends I've made. Some of my best friends have come out of the connections in real estate. It's been marvelous, just marvelous. Life is good, and it's because of the people around us."


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