PCACS Board Member Blends Roles to Serve Seniors

Kimberly-WisemanKimberly Wiseman seeks to impact the region’s senior community through her roles as a Porter County Aging and Community Services board member as well as branch manager of the Portage Public Library.

“I’ve always loved working with seniors. I figured that PCACS would help me get in closer touch with the senior community here in Porter County. Also, PCACS and the library both help people throughout the county from all walks of life who may be struggling with any of a variety of problems: low income, health problems, job loss, underemployment, or all of the above,” she said.

“It’s helpful and inspiring to meet with a group of caring, intelligent community members who are dedicated to learning about these issues and helping resolve, or at least relieve, them.”

Wiseman was inspired by her grandparents as well as created strong connections during her time working at Banta Center.

“My grandparents were remarkably vibrant people, larger than life and incredibly generous. Working at Banta Center years ago, I was amazed at the resilience and beauty of the members there — after living through the Depression, World War II, cancer or strokes, the loss of a spouse or even children — these people came in every morning, smiling, joking, complimenting everyone … brightening my day!” she said. “I thought: If these people are able to bring so much happiness and light to the world — having experienced all that they have — the rest of us simply have no excuse not to try, too.”

Wiseman looks forward to strengthening her ties to the community through both organizations.

“I hope that I can support both the mission of PCACS and the library in a richer, more informed way through my involvement with both organizations and populations,” she said. “There’s a definite overlap in the patron base for the library system and PCACS; I feel that I’m better able to meet the needs of my library patrons as I learn more about some of their circumstances through my involvement in PCACS.”

PCACS’ mission is to extend a helping hand to seniors, those with disabilities and low-income residents by providing services to improve their quality of life, including transportation, nutrition programs, energy assistance and activity centers.

For more information, visit www.portercountyacs.org.