PNW Student-Led Firm Secures Griffith Police Department as Client

NCC-Client-SelectionNorthwest Communication Consulting, a nonprofit, student-led communication firm from Purdue University Northwest’s Problems in Public Relations course, will conduct a communication audit on the Griffith Police Department.

The NCC Executive Board voted to choose their client on Sept. 29, with the results unanimously in favor of the Griffith Police Department.

Greg Mance, Griffith Chief of Police, said the department strives for excellence and recognizes the importance of evaluation of critical tasks, including internal and external communication processes.

“As a progressive police department that has gained a reputation of capitalizing on the wealth of talent found within the Region’s colleges and universities, we are thrilled to have been selected by Northwest Communication Consulting for the purpose of conducting a thorough communication audit of our police department,” Mance said. “We look forward to the findings and recommendations offered by NCC at the conclusion on their audit so that we may evaluate and implement communication strategies that will further strengthen our department.”

NCC CEO Stephanie Hamilton said she is excited to partner with the Griffith Police Department.

“I believe that we’re going to be able to help them out with their communication processes. I think they are going to be receptive to our recommendations and I’m excited to see the end results with them,” Hamilton said.

Last year’s Problems in Public Relations firm, Clover Connection Consulting led by CEO Susan Moody, conducted a communication audit on Staff Source.