PNW ushers in school year with welcome rallies

PNW ushers in school year with welcome rallies

Purdue University Northwest (PNW) kicked off the 2022-23 school year with a Welcome Rally at both its Westville and Hammond campuses to give students a chance to connect, sign up for campus organizations and extracurriculars and discover all the resources PNW has to offer. 

“It’s great getting our students to understand what resources they have available to them, what their options are here and show them that we have a vibrant campus community,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing and Student Life Scott Iverson. “If you look around, you hear the music, you see the excitement, you see the energy that really propels the school year forward. That's what we want to do with the Westville and Hammond rallies.”

PNW Westville Rally 2022

PNW Westville Rally 2022 58 Photos
PNW Westville Rally 2022PNW Westville Rally 2022PNW Westville Rally 2022PNW Westville Rally 2022

Both campuses had food and beverage options via The Gallery Cafe and Catering at Westville and PNW Dining Services at Hammond. With a DJ and fun giveaways like PNW stress balls and keychains, the rallies were a lively affair. PNW also offered T-shirts with the lyrics to its fight song printed on the back.

“I'm really excited about the fight song unveiled on every PNW shirt we handed out to students. The song is brand new,” said Salvador Cordova, Student Life coordinator.

The welcome rallies are among the most anticipated campus traditions at the Westville and Hammond campuses. Assistant Director for Student Engagement Brooke Hewson shared that it is one of her favorite events.

PNW Hammond Rally 2022

PNW Hammond Rally 2022 44 Photos
PNW Hammond Rally 2022PNW Hammond Rally 2022PNW Hammond Rally 2022PNW Hammond Rally 2022

“It's our first chance to connect face-to-face with students,” said Hewson. “Over the summer, we have been working to help our student organizations rebuild and get all of their events planned and their outreach ready for the welcome rallies. We've got lots of great energy from all of our campus departments and faculty staff. These are the events where everyone comes together, and we're all excited, happy and proud to be a part of the PNW community.”

Numerous tables dotted the campuses’ plazas, representing organizations and departments such as Student Government, Information Services, Student Life, Circle K, ROTC, Health Studies, The Intersectional Feminist Alliance, and The Environmental Club.

Student Sarah Moyer decided to make a splash at PNW by joining The Environmental Club. Although she is studying English, she feels that taking care of the environment is important no matter your area of expertise and enjoyed meeting like-minded students from various majors. 

“The Environmental Club is about raising awareness, and we want to gather all of the community and all the organizations that can help to make a difference,” Moyer said while running the club’s table at the Westville Campus rally. “I’ve had people from all different majors coming over here interested in the club. I have business, elementary and secondary education, and psychology majors coming over. I want to have a greener and safer planet, so I think starting here is great.”

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