Porter County Walk for Recovery Helps to Improve Lives

By: Contributor Last Updated: February 7, 2011

porter-county-walk-for-recoveryWalk for Recovery June 04, 2011 at Butterfield Pavilion located in Old Fairgrounds Park

For the last couple of years we have walked and raised funds for agencies helping the homeless, by trying to find a solution for the less fortunate in our communities. This year our walk is meant to raise funds for people who are desperately seeking help with their addictions to alcohol and drugs. They want to become free from this fatal disease and they are willing to go to any length to find recovery and serenity.

Moraine House and Alice’s House (for women) are committed and dedicated to helping the alcoholics and addicts who are still suffering in Northwest Indiana. We are raising awareness of the growing substance abuse problems in our society and the collateral damage it causes. It’s imperative that we get a better understanding and become more educated of this crisis which destroys so many lives and families.

For more than 33 years, Moraine House has offered a unique opportunity to thousands of men to discover a new way of life by finding the solution for an alcohol and drug free living and become productive members of our communities. We lead them to the path of recovery, introducing the 12 steps of AA and NA, giving them hope, encouragement and that there is a solution to their illness. We endeavor to instill a spiritual awareness, self-reliant, accountability for their decisions and actions and hopefully a new virtue on life. We are fortunate to witness so many success stories. The men, who were once hopeless alcoholics and addicts and socially demoralized, are coming to us and working our six month program becoming successful, caring and responsible men who want to take care of their families and loved ones.

Maybe the best example I can give is my story. I gave up on life before God intervened and lead me to the Moraine House and helped save my life. Today I’m the director of this same house, and this allows me the opportunity to give back to what was so freely given to me – the gift of sobriety and a good life of gratitude.

We always seem to be too busy and wrapped up with our own lives to acknowledge the needs of others. We sometimes do not realize that people like you actually make the difference and have an impact on building a better human society for tomorrow.

In economic tough times non-profit organizations like ours are more dependent on your financial support to encounter the high demand of people who urgently need our services and seeking our help.

We do our best, but we need you to help us with your generous donations that help make the difference in people lives.