Porter Regional Hospital celebrates Easter with its own Porter family

Porter Regional Hospital celebrates Easter with its own Porter family

Porter Regional Hospital was excited to celebrate the Easter holiday with its own Porter family and their families. Porter held an “EGGStravaganza,” inviting Porter associates to bring their families to its facility to meet the Easter Bunny, collect candy filled eggs, work on some crafts, and snack on hot dogs.

Sean Dardeau, Chief Executive Officer for Porter Health Care System, said, “For healthcare professionals, working holidays and weekends comes with the territory. Our doctors, nurses, foodservice associates, housekeepers, lab techs and many others work a variety of shifts to serve our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Porter, we recognize that our associates sacrifice regularly giving up being at home with their families during the holidays, late nights and weekends so they can care for the loved ones of others. Activities like this Easter Egg Hunt are one way we can have some fun and give back to our own Porter family.”

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Jennifer Marinangeli, Director of Professional Outreach stated, “This event was one way for our families to come in and see what we do here at Porter Regional Hospital. Our associates take such great care of our families here when they are ill.”

The Easter Bunny, Jared Smith, Assistant Chief Executive Officer stated, “Wearing a costume can be quite humbling, but I firmly believe you should never feel ‘above’ any act of service. Otherwise, you can miss out on something truly special. Seeing the smiles and excited looks on the faces of hundreds of kids was a great experience. Showing appreciation to our associates that give so much is a great way to spend any day.”

From 1-3 on April 14, little children of all ages got to find Easter eggs filled with candy. Three lucky children found the golden eggs winning prizes of all sorts including fun games for outside, crafts and a movie night complete with theater tickets, candy and popcorn.

The Easter Bunny made a special trip up to visit new moms and babies for their first Easter. Karen Lucas, R.N. and Judy Knapp, R.N., were happy to share the experience. Lucas said, “We are so excited that our new moms get to have their babies meet the Easter Bunny. It’s nice that Porter Regional adds that special touch.” Knapp added, “It’s an unexpected treat that our hospital will celebrate with our new moms and their babies on babies first day of life.”

Porter Regional Hospital has been voted “Best Place to Work” several times by local organizations. Celebrating together, honoring its own family, is one reason.

House Supervisor Jamie Eltalabani, R.N., agrees by saying, “I think it is fun to be able to celebrate the holidays with our work family, and Porter Health Care System always finds a way to do that. It makes me excited to be a Porter associate.”

Written by Barbara Adkins
Representative of Eligibility Screening Services, LLC and Porter associate for nearly 7 years