Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers Honor Employees at Annual Employee Recognition Awards

Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers Honor Employees at Annual Employee Recognition Awards

Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers are known for their commitment and dedication to the community and clients they serve. With employees who consistently work to help others, it only makes sense to recognize them from time to time. That’s why each year they hold their employee recognition awards, providing much need praise, scholarships, and awards to those who have worked hard for them over the years.

Award recipients are honored each year, and the awards at the end of 2017 were no exception to this. With two foundation scholarships, eight special recognition awards, the MORE Award, Matthew Ikeda Award, and the Fred C. Skinner Award given out, many received recognition that is sometimes hard to come by.

Both Cali Young and Andrea Farmer were recipients of a Foundation Scholarship, providing them much needed funding to continue toward their goals.

“By receiving this, Porter-Starke Foundation has shown their continued dedication to supporting me in both my personal and professional growth,” explained Young. “It’s important to provide this recognition to employees due to the affirmation, encouragement, and support it provides the employees to remain motivated, committed, and enthusiastic about the care we provide.”

Eight employees were also given special recognition awards and were happy to see the appreciation Porter-Starke and Marram Health Centers displayed toward them. Among those receiving awards were Candice Hunter, Nina Johnson, Jill Suboh, Christi Harshbarger, Channae Watkins, Cassie Klumpp, Christina Boisselier, and Leslie Medeiros.

“I think it is wonderful for Porter-Starke Services and Marram Health Center to recognize and value the work that employees accomplish,” said Nina Johnson. “Marram has been a great place to work and the best place for care.”

Christi Harshbarger echoed these sentiments.

“I think recognizing their employees in this way helps employees to feel valued and know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. I feel that employees that feel valued will continue to work to their best ability,” said Harshbarger.

Candice Hunter, one of the recipients, also expressed how highly her co workers and the organization as a whole think of each other.

“Not many people can say they wake up every day and get to work with colleagues so committed to the wellbeing of those that they serve,” explained Hunter. “I am thankful to say that this is an apt description of the employees and staff at Porter Starke and Marram. It makes for a unique and exceptional workplace experience.”

Of the final awards, the MORE Award was given to Kate Sanders for her exceptional efforts to further the mission of Porter-Starke Services.

“Receiving this award was a fun way to cap off a busy year for me, in which I was asked to take on more projects with greater scope. I’m glad to have been specially acknowledged, and I’m encouraged to continue learning and growing with my fellow staff this year,” said Sanders.

The Matthew Ikeda Award for Commitment to Caring is given to someone with three or more years of service to Porter-Starke Services who demonstrates a devotion to the organization and its clients. They are also flexible and adaptable to the challenging environment they face. For 2017, this award was given to Susan Rizer.

“I’m honored to receive the Matthew Ikeda Award for Commitment to Caring. Demonstrating kindness and compassion are traits I strive for in my personal and professional life. It feels good to be recognized for the passion I have toward my profession,” said Rizer.

The final award was the Fred C. Skinner Award, the highest award given to a staff member at Porter-Starke Services. This is meant to honor someone who represents a level of devotion and commitment to Porter- Starke Services that goes above and beyond what is required. This award was presented to Tim McCurdy, Director of Child and Family Services.

“At every level of the organization, Porter-Starke services is truly dedicated to helping and serving our communities. One of the things I value most about working for Porter-Starke is getting to share my days with people who deeply care about the health and wellbeing of every single person in the communities we serve,” explained McCurdy. “There’s a certain kind of job satisfaction that has nothing to do with things like salary or benefits, and it’s much harder to find a workplace that provides that kind of satisfaction. I’m proud to work at an organization that truly cares about the people we serve.”

For the employees of Porter-Starke Services and Marram Health Centers, the Employee Recognition Awards are more than a simple way to say thank you. They are grateful for the recognition and happy to receive the encouragement to move forward in their careers.