Random Picture Series for July 2

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: July 2, 2010

Happy explosive holiday weekend America! And now, random pictures for this week.

A scientific study has come up with a chart correlating the shape of beards and trustworthiness.

In case you don’t have enough bling in your life, now you can bedazzle your iPad with diamonds.

Disney really does present girls with unrealistic expectations for life. I know. I am a Disney-victim. But I’m ok with it. I know someday my prince will come…

But Disney also teaches men how they should treat women.

For all of you comic sans haters out there

This would be the worst video game ever. That noise is extremely annoying.

An ice cream vending machine that requires a smile to dispense its fare. I could get behind that idea.

Finally, a way for your dog to get himself water. This is a pretty ingenious idea.

I don’t think New York likes visitor

And now, a graph.

I’m pretty sure Germany just reached a level of superior coolness.