Recent merger of McColly Bennett Commercial Real Estate with Commercial Advantage provides new opportunities to NWI

Recent merger of McColly Bennett Commercial Real Estate with Commercial Advantage provides new opportunities to NWI

As one of the Region’s leaders in commercial real estate, it’s vital to stay competitive, especially in a thriving area like Northwest Indiana. 

In doing so, McColly Bennett Commercial Real Estate made the decision to merge with Commercial Advantage, becoming McColly Bennett Commercial Advantage (M.B.C.A.). The 2018 merger allowed the firm to expand NWI’s industrial and commercial real estate demand. 

Nearly a decade ago, McColly Real Estate and Bennett Commercial created a strategic alliance to brand McColly Bennett Commercial Real Estate, which became a full service commercial real estate company conducting business from Bourbonnais, Illinois to Michigan City, Indiana. 

“We were wanting to grow our brand—Commercial Advantage was a known company in the marketplace, like-minded, and we saw that it made sense to put together our efforts. Thus we became McColly Bennett Commercial Advantage,” said Jeff Bennett, managing partner of M.B.C.A. “We saw the benefits of adding Commercial Advantage to our team. We believe we now have a brand that can support the growth of commercial and industrial real estate in NWI.”

“I can’t even explain how great it’s been to join the McColly Bennett team,” said Lori Tubbs, former president of Commercial Advantage and current managing partner of M.B.C.A. “I’m able to spend more time on sales and community work and less time managing brokers, and all the things that go with operating an office.”

Prior to joining forces with McColly Bennett Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Advantage’s team worked to attract businesses to NWI. The family-owned and operated business also played an integral role in enhancing the Region’s strong industrial real estate background. Tubbs’ work involving the Patriot Rail resulted in the purchase of five miles of rail line in Lake County along with the South Shore freight railroad. The investment bought more than 300 acres in two counties. 

“Commercial Advantage has more than 30 years of experience in industrial and commercial real estate—which is a huge strength we see,” Bennett said. “Along with that experience, Lori Tubbs, her mother Joanne Tubbs, who helped start Commercial Advantage, Jessica Burke, Joel Henderson and Chris Duer are well connected to Chicagoland professionals to hopefully bring more business into the NWI area.” Lori added, " I'm very happy that we were able to keep the team together."

“With the team coming together, we’re able to represent properties in Indiana and Illinois,” Tubbs said. “With the more than 100 years of experience we have combined in commercial real estate, we're able to support anyone’s commercial needs.”

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