‘Rise N’ Shine’ Now Open for Business at the Career Center

1studentnwi-pcctc-rise-n-shine-2014Rachel Meeks is ValpoLife.com's #1StudentNWI representative at the Porter County Career and Technical Center. This month, Rachel wrote a feature story on Rise 'N Shine, the newly opened convenient store operated by students on campus.

Do you think you have what it takes to start your own business and create a successful store that relies on the teamwork of 18 individuals? This past week, students from the Entrepreneurship Sports and Entertainment Marketing program taught by Mrs.Jennifer Gaulin at the Porter County Career and Technical Center, got a taste of opening their own business.

Rise N' Shine had its first opening on Tuesday, October 21. The premiere was started by speeches from Mr. Jon Groth, Mrs. Judy Commers, and the store manager, Jarred. Each speaker mentioned how much success they anticipate will be brought in from the store. Commers proclaimed that it will take the equal effort of each student in the class for the store to be a success. She also mentioned that this will not be their only success in life and that this is just one of many more to come.

As soon as the speeches were finished and the ribbon was cut, students began to line up and wait for their turn to purchase one of the many items within the store. Rise N' Shine has food ranging from pretzels to muffins and beverages from tea to coffee. When asked how the decision as to what products to sell was made, the store buyer, Jordan, said that a survey was created and given to all the students at the Career Center. These surveys were then analyzed for popular trends which helped make the final decisions. The store buyer is responsible for purchasing all the items in the store and making sure that there is always supply in stock.

PCCTC-risenshine-2One of the benefits of opening this store is that it provides hands-on training. In order for the students to be given jobs, they had to go through an interviewing process with a human resource officer, reported the head security guard, Jacob. There are a various number of jobs that the students can have. Some of these jobs are accountant, buyer, promotion, customer service, and human resource officer. Once these jobs are assigned, it is the students responsibility to see that they are fulfilling their duties and meeting the needs of their customers. In that process, the students learn hands on training such as how to work a cash register, handle customer relations and practice good business ethics.

Why call it Rise N' Shine?

Evan, the vending manager, stated that the name Rise N' Shine just makes people want to come the store and purchase products that will help start their morning off right. Whether it's a cup of coffee or a chocolate chip cookie, Rise N' Shine has something for everyone. It has even offered the students in the class the opportunity to overcome obstacles and work together to achieve a common goal. That goal was indeed achieved as the store not only made record sales at the grand opening but also repeated those sales the second day.

PCCTC-risenshine-3Aside from just opening and closing the store everyday, the students are responsible for taking inventory and stocking the vending machines. These tasks demand that the students be responsible and stay organized so that everything can run efficiently and smoothly. The three vending machines provide the students the opportunity to communicate with distributors such as Pepsi and Coke. Purchase orders are made and deliveries are dropped off in a timely manner. From there, the students take the merchandise and stock the machines.

Whether it's fresh baked cookies that arouse your senses or a hot cup of coffee that really gets you going, Rise N' Shine has it all. This store is open everyday in the morning and is open to the students and public. For great food and even better prices, take the time to rise out of bed and head on over to this new business. It's guaranteed to make the sun shine a little brighter on your day.

To the 18 young entrepreneurs, I leave you with this quote: "I never dreamed about success, I worked for it." -Estee Lauder

Take this quote and remember that everyday the time and effort you put into the store is going into the lives of others. Thank you for serving fellow peers delicous products and best of luck the rest of the year!

Current Postions at Rise N' Shine

Administrative Assistant: Hannah

Human Resource Manager: Nadia

Customer Service Rep: Anthony

Store Manager: Jarred

Vending Manager: Evan

Vending Accountant: Demarcus

Head Security: Jacob

Assistant Manager: Mollee

Sales Manager: Brooke

Vending Buyer: Kyle

Inventory Specialist: Latrell

Promotion Executive: Derek

Promotion Manager: Nathan

Inventory Specialist: Trey and Sean

Store Buyer: Jordan

Store Accountant: Sam

Sales Representatives: Eric and Burryah