Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso and Portage Continue to Provide Top Quality Care Under Guidance of Discovery Senior Living

Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso and Portage Continue to Provide Top Quality Care Under Guidance of Discovery Senior Living

Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso, Portage, and the rest of the facilities under the Rittenhouse name have recently come under new management and ownership umbrella of Discovery Senior Living, an award-winning owner manager group based in Bonita Springs Florida.

Discovery Senior Living came to fruition in 1991 after the original founders of the company saw a need that had yet to be met. After moving their business to Florida to be closer to their elderly parents, the founders saw that there were no adequate senior living facilities. So as a solution to this problem, they built their own company. From then on, Discovery Senior Living has grown to serve elderly individuals and their families in 10 states with about 6,000 facilities under their operation.

“We started from the ground up,” Thomas Harrison, CEO of Discovery Senior Living said. “Our organization reflects 25 of experience and we have the honor of caring for seniors. All of our programs are designed to provide support for residents and their families.”

Discovery Senior Living gained ownership of Rittenhouse Senior Living just recently. They saw this as a great opportunity and that will allow their company to own assets in several different markets that have growth opportunities. And with Discovery Senior Living having a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they knew that it would only benefit the residents of all Rittenhouse facilities.

"We stand behind the fact that we will support our residents. I really believe that it’s those residents and their families who benefit from our experience. We have helped thousands and thousands of seniors. We have a great reputation in the industry."

Rittenhouse Senior Living has already been exceeding expectations and with the guidance of Discovery Senior Living things will only get better. Listening to the needs and desires of the residents and staff of each of their units is a huge part of what makes both Rittenhouse and Discovery Senior Living successful.

"It's a privilege to work for Rittenhouse and to be a surrounded by such a wonderful family of residents," Natalie Reisen, Director of Sales for Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso said. "We are looking forward to all that Discovery Senior Living has to offer our residents and community."

Discovery Senior Living offers different lifestyle programs that can be implemented into their senior communities to improve the health and well-being of residents.

Sensations – Dining
Celebrations – Activities
Dimensions – Wellness
Connections – Transportation
Impressions – Housekeeping
Expressions – Concierge

A note to be emphasized is that Rittenhouse residents will see changes that they desire. Discovery Senior Living surveys all of their residents and asks them questions about what they liked, disliked, and what they want to change at the facility in which they reside. The staff at Rittenhouse can rest assured that their work environment will continue to be top-notch as well.

"We have no intention of having any staff leave. We have a good track record of supporting our executive directors who are local people who know the inner workings of their senior community," Harrison said. "Client experience is important but the employee experience is equally important, and we want to make sure that we are serving the people who serve our seniors."