Meet ROSE Award Winner: Robert Martin

Robert-MartinA guest who was driving cross-country was brought to the hotel by an ambulance driver along with her dog, Teddy. She had been in a car accident and her car was totaled. The next morning the guest felt she needed an ambulance to go back to the hospital so Robbie went down and retrieved her dog and assured her that Teddy would be taken care of while she was gone.

He brought Teddy to the back office and went to retrieve a kennel, blanket, food and water. Robbie took care of Teddy for seven hours until the guest returned from the hospital. When the guest returned, she informed Robbie she would be shipping her belongings so she could fly to her final destination of California. He assisted her with finding boxes, helped her pack, directed her to the UPS store and asked if she needed a carrier for Teddy. The guest was so appreciative. This is just a classic example of Robbie and his awe-inspiring guest service.

Robbie Martin Front Desk Representative Hilton Garden Inn, Chesterton