Saint Paul Catholic School Welcomes Serviceman Home

Saint-Paul-Catholic-School-Welcomes-Serviceman-HomeThe words "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" echoed down the halls of St. Paul Catholic School on Thursday, March 5. The school welcomed home Lt. JG Chris Gerber, a supply officer in the Navy. Gerber is uncle to kindergartner Madelynn Stillman. While living in California, Stillman was used to going to Homecomings for relatives after deployment, and was upset that she was going to miss his return after a 7 month stay on the USS San Diego.

With the help of Madelynn's mom and Mrs. Donna Shane, Kindergarten teacher, the school was able to surprise Madelynn with a visit at school from her uncle when he returned to the Valparaiso area. Children lined the hallways and cheers and clapping came from everyone as they watched the reunion. The celebration ended with the entire school singing God Bless America and thanking Lt Gerber for his service.