Second Annual Taste of Parkview

By: Parkview Elementary School Last Updated: November 4, 2010

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Parkview Elementary hosted the second annual Taste of Parkview Art Show and Book Fair. The evening welcomed over 200 families who visited the PTA sponsored Book Fair, enjoyed a variety of homemade ethnic food while they visited a beautiful display of student art work.

Parkview Elementary Art teacher, Mary Austin highlighted children’s work with a cultural theme for each grade level. Kindergarten students told their own stories with pictures drawn horizontally on narrow paper then rolled the paper inward on wooden tongue depressor handles to represent Japanese Story Scrolls.

First Grade students used markers to draw different colored plaid designs on two different colored papers. They folded each paper several times and cut on the folded crease to make individual rectangles. Once the pieces were reassembled into a new pattern, the end result became a 1st grade paper African Kente Cloth style design.

The Second Graders created their own Aboriginal dot paintings by using colorful oil pastels in carefully planned circular designs. Eli Sandberg (below) is standing next to the display of the second grade paintings.


Parkview Third Grade students created their own Aztec suns and obviously each one has its own distinctive character. Here is Eben Smith sharing his Aztec sun drawing at the Taste of Parkview.


Fourth grade students used their names to develop the symmetrical foundation for their own designs. These designs represented Native American Art from the Pacific Northwest Coast.


The Parkview fifth graders produced their own Islamic tile designs by using their initials or names for the base of their intricate geometric pattern. Sara Mills, a Parkview fifth grader is pictured below with her class’ geometrical designs.


The Taste of Parkview was a wonderful opportunity for parents, students, staff and family members to come together and celebrate diversity. You may want to plan to attend this event next year.