Service technicians “compress” skill, customer service into the workday

Service technicians “compress” skill, customer service into the workday

CompressAir’s company tagline is Any Time - Anywhere, which is super accurate when it comes to a day in the life of a CompressAir service technician. These highly-skilled professionals tackle anything from preventive maintenance and minor repairs, to 24/7 emergency help that pulls a client from downtime on any given day. And they do it with a smile.

Like much of the technology we encounter today, compressed air systems have evolved to become high-tech machines that businesses rely on heavily for daily operation. CompressAir service technicians stay current with the latest training and education, and their skillful foundation and unwavering commitment to keeping customers happy sets the tone for their daily work.

Here’s an example. While technicians are laser focused on flawlessly executing an important air compressor repair to minimize a company’s downtime, they’re also thinking about how to translate this information to customers so they are reassured and well-informed.

“We are all customer-service oriented. We know the equipment inside and out, and that makes it easier to explain to customers what happened, and how we fixed it. We also focus on customer relationships. Being able to work with our customers makes it easier to accomplish their needs,” said Tom Bolakowski, a CompressAir service technician.

While some jobs are easier, such as quarterly filter changes and cleaning the controls, others are more complex, particularly new machine start-ups due to the detail-oriented steps to the process.

“From hanging pipe to custom duct work, we set the equipment and tie it all together. When it comes to startup, we take specific steps to be sure everything is verified and running correctly before leaving,” Bolakowski said.

While he’s working on a startup, another service technician is headed to an emergency call, tasked with diagnosing and fixing the problem immediately. If they can’t fix the equipment, they offer other solutions to keep customers up and running so they don’t lose production time.

“There is no doubt that we have rapid response to our customers. We know how critical compressed air is to their production processing and what would happen without it,” Bolakowski said.

CompressAir service technicians treat each other like family, and they pass this same value on to the way they treat their customers. “It’s a giant family around here. Everyone genuinely cares about you and is willing to help you in any way,” Bolakowski said.

CompressAir works with the world's most established brands to provide industrial or portable air compressors, air dryers, system controls, or accessories. Service technicians are available around the clock to help customers reduce energy costs and increase the efficiency of their compressed air systems by keeping them in pristine working condition. Check the out on Facebook here