South Shore Foot & Ankle invites community to donate socks to veterans

South Shore Foot & Ankle invites community to donate socks to veterans

For the staff at South Shore Foot & Ankle, taking care of veterans is personal. Many of the staff members have loved ones who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. They understand the need for quality services for all, and especially for our veterans. This is just one of the reasons that they created Sock-it to Our Veterans Event.

“They’re dear to our heart,” said Judy Uzubell, Medical Practice Manager. “We see a need within our community because some of our veterans are neglecting their feet and nails. They are either embarrassed, don’t have the funding, or don’t know where to go. One of our focuses this year is to take care of our veterans. It’s extremely important to us.”

After coming in contact with a local veteran who needed an extra amount of care and attention, South Shore Foot & Ankle realized that there were many other veterans throughout the region who could use their care and expertise, as well as a little extra love. They created Sock-it to Our Veterans to collect socks for Veterans as a thank you, and a little reminder that foot care is important. This unique sock drive is all about showing the veterans in the area that South Shore Foot & Ankle cares and is here to serve them. 

“We want to honor the vets and take care of them,” Uzubell said. “If we can give them a pair of socks and say ‘‘Thank you for your service,’ maybe this will get them to think a little bit harder about their own feet and health.”

Foot care is especially important for people who are elderly, or have diabetes or circulation issues. One small cut or injury to the foot - even an ingrown toenail - can lead to extended infection. Keeping the feet in good health, dry, and protected, especially during the winter, is important.

South Shore Foot & Ankle hopes to work with community organizations to distribute the socks to Veterans on Veteran’s Day, and even throughout the holiday season.

“I want the veterans to feel appreciated, especially on Veteran’s Day,” Uzubell said.

But just like our country needed veterans to serve, South Shore Foot & Ankle needs you! To provide as many pairs of socks to as many veterans as possible, South Shore Foot & Ankle needs the help of community groups to drive the donation of socks. Churches, schools, businesses, and any other group can help to raise awareness for the event and start “sock-raisers” wherever possible.

You can personally get involved by reaching out to the groups and organizations you are a part of to collect socks. Imagine the love you will be spreading when a veteran receives your gift along with a “Thank you for serving.” It’s one small way to spread kindness and joy to those who have served and protected our communities.

South Shore Foot & Ankle  will be collecting new, clean socks, for both men and women, from September through October. There will be two collection sites for donated socks. Uzubell’s so passionate about this project that she is also willing to dedicate time to come to you and pick up the socks if needed! 

The drop-off addresses are:

South Shore Foot & Ankle 

981 Transport Dr

Valparaiso, IN 46383


2904 Calumet Ave

Valparaiso, IN  46383

Remember, feet are important, and South Shore Foot & Ankle is here to help. You can visit their website here:

“Don’t be embarrassed about your feet. We want to take care of it,” Uzubell said. “We’re here for the small things, and for the big things.”