St. Anthony Health-Crown Point Nurses Select Surgeon Eric Woo for Annual Service Award

St-Anthony-Health-Crown-Point-Nurses-Select-Surgeon-Eric-Woo-for-Annual-Service-AwardEric Woo, DO, a general surgeon, is this year’s recipient of Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Crown Point’s St. Raphael Award, which, since 2005, has recognized physicians who have improved patient care through the nurse-doctor relationship.

The award is named for Raphael, a patron saint of physicians and nurses.

Dr. Woo has been in practice for seven years and on the Franciscan St. Anthony Health staff for two of them. He began doing surgery about 12 years ago, during a five-year residency program

Dr. Woo was presented the honor by Angela Stamper, a registered nurse, who is incoming chair of the hospital’s Performance Improvement Council-Shared Decision-Making. The council receives nurses’ nominations.

“I am very humbled and grateful, this is quite an honor. I hope I can live up to all the kind things that were said about me,” Dr. Woo said, adding, “The nurses need to know how much they are appreciated for all the hard work they do and how they face up to the challenges we have from time to time with budget and staff changes and sometimes cranky physicians. The staff here handles all that very well and doesn’t allow it to affect patient care.”

Dr. Woo said it takes a team effort to take care of patients “the right way and I believe that happens here – I would recommend this hospital to anyone, including my family.” He also called nurses the “eyes and ears” of physicians, since they spend the most time with patients.

“We rely on your expertise and judgment in caring for our patients. Take pride in that and remember that,” he added.

Among their accolades in nominating Woo, nurses said:
* He is cheerful, pleasant, helpful and easy to talk to – a breath of fresh air.
* He discusses patients’ conditions with us, helping us to understand and to give better care. For example, he said, “Have the patient chew gum. It will help with his peristalsis.” He takes time to educate us and family members.
* His mannerisms are contagious; he is a role model. We all need his positive attitude. He seems genuinely happy to be a physician.
* In discharging my patient of Dr. Woo today, she commented, “Tell the doctor thank you. What a great guy.”

Among his services, Dr. Woo performs da Vinci single-site cholecystectomy (gallbladder) surgery, a procedure that reduces scarring compared to other methods by requiring but one incision.“

“Single-site also can offer patients potentially less pain, since there are fewer incisions,” he has said.