St. Catherine Hospital Receives $20,000 Grant for Breast Cancer Screenings

St-Catherine-Hospital-Receives-20000-Grant-for-Breast-Cancer-ScreeningsThe Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust (IBCAT) has awarded a one-year, $20,000 grant to St. Catherine Hospital for the breast cancer screening and awareness program called, “Pretty in Pink.”

This is the fourth year the hospital has been a recipient of the $20,000 grant for the mammogram screening program, and the sixth consecutive time St. Catherine Hospital has been awarded funding from the Trust.

“We are grateful to the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust for providing funds that promote health and wellness among uninsured or underinsured individuals in our community,” said Leo Correa, chief executive officer, St. Catherine Hospital. “These screenings are important for every woman, regardless of cost or their insurance situation. This grant allows us to expand our reach to women who might otherwise go without breast cancer screenings.”

Quality Care Navigator Lupe Arellano, RN, Women’s Diagnostic Center at St. Catherine Hospital, said the “Pretty in Pink” program for free screening mammograms, diagnostic testing and follow-up care to patients who demonstrate financial need, live in Lake or Porter counties, have no health insurance or hold a policy that does not pay for the screening or comes with a high-deductible. “Many women delay breast mammograms or ultrasound services due to the high costs,” said Arellano. “Through ‘Pretty in Pink,’ the odds for early detection of breast cancer can rise dramatically.”

The IBCAT funds are raised through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles sale of a Breast Cancer Awareness license plate. For each $40 plate sold, a direct tax-deductible donation of $25 is made to the IBCAT for annual, competitively awarded grants. For information, contact Arellano, coordinator of the “Pretty in Pink,” at 219-392-7346. Visit to learn more about breast health and the Women’s Diagnostic Center.