St. Mary Medical Center Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrating Expanded Cardiovascular Outpatient Services

With a blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony, St. Mary Medical Center unveiled their multi-million dollar expanded Cardiovascular Outpatient Services center on Tuesday.

Patients with heart conditions don’t need to travel far for access to the most advanced equipment, technology, and compassionate care available. St. Mary Medical Center is unveiling a new space dedicated to cardiovascular patients receiving outpatient diagnostics, treatments, and disease management services.

The newly expanded Cardiovascular Outpatient Services area features breakthrough technologies and leading techniques for treatment of a variety of cardiac conditions such as those performed in the electrophysiology lab and cardiac catheterization laboratory.

Janice Ryba, CEO of St. Mary Medical Center said, “This new space was designed with their comfort and convenience in mind. We have the most talented team of physicians and staff delivering a full array of cardiovascular care in a modern, centralized location.”

“Our entire cardiology services team - physicians, nurses, technologists and leadership - worked together to create a space that would prioritize patient comfort and safety while anticipating the needs of future growth and technologies,” added Ryba. “Our patients and families can continue to expect the highest level of care today and well into the future, thanks to our team’s efforts.”

Cardiovascular Services includes a new family/companion area, a multi-use outpatient clinic, and an Interventional Radiology assessment area. It also increases capacity, includes 20 private rooms, and gives patients undergoing observation for chest pain a safe space.

“Patients who arrive in our emergency room with chest pains are treated and often require 24-hour observation in a telemetry bed needed for heart monitoring,” said Shannon Moyers, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager of the Cardiovascular Outpatient Unit. “The new space will allow us to comfortably accommodate them and their families during that observation time, while remaining close to all the equipment needed if a cardiac event would occur.”

“We are performing some of the most advanced treatments available for patients living with periphery vascular disease, including those at risk for amputation,” said Anas Safadi, MD, ABVM, FACC, FSCAI, medical director of the Limb Ischemia and Vascular Excellence, program at the hospital. “We can significantly reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life for our patients by performing an entire array of endovascular procedures that can increase or restore circulation to the legs for feet. The results can be limb and life-saving.”

“In wanting to deliver the best care you can to the community, and knowing that people want to stay local when they’re sick, the technology is an invaluable asset that allows us to deliver excellent, modern and up-to-date medical care,” said Medical Director, Jack Ziegler, M.D. “It allows us to do the best for our patients and minimizes the need for us to transfer facilities when people are sick. It gives confidence to the community that they can get good care on a local level, which helps them and it helps the hospital maintain success.”

For more information about the cardiovascular services offered at St. Mary Medical Center, visit their website or call 219-836-3477.