St. Paul Church Offers Support After Divorce

There is help after the holidays! Divorce can be a shattering experience but experienced facilitators at St. Paul Catholic Church offer a program, Divorce and Beyond, to those willing to work through this emotional ordeal with the help of others. st-paul

This 10-week program offers hope and healing to men and women who are already divorced or have filed for divorce. The sessions begin Tuesday, January 4,7:00 - 9:00 p.m. and continue weekly through Tuesday, March 8 at St. Paul Catholic Church, 1855 West Harrison Blvd., Valparaiso.

Participants use a workbook for recovery and healing which can be purchased for ten dollars at the first session. Discussion begins at the first session with the process of divorce and continues weekly dealing with topics of self-image, stress, anger, blame and guilt, loneliness, forgiveness, happiness, and concluding with pathways to growth. Essential to the process during which participants enable healing in each other is the confidentiality of everything shared at these sessions.

To register, or for additional information, call Mary Mauer (219)464-4831, EXT. 235 OR e-mail: