Steindler Signs & Graphix Welcomes a New Employee

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: October 10, 2013

dutch-williams-2Here is another reason why we love spreading good news all over Northwest Indiana: we connect people to businesses. And to be more specific, we connected Dutch Williams to Steindler Signs & Graphix.

You see, Williams follows ValpoLife on Twitter and Linkedin and “Likes” our Facebook page. And Steindler Signs & Graphix is one of our wonderful partners. Recently, Steindler Signs had a job opening and we posted an article about it on our websites and the aforementioned social media pages to get the word out that they were hiring. Williams saw a Twitter post that we made about the job opening as well as a post on Linkedin.

“I went through ValpoLife to find out more about the job,” Williams explained. “I came in for an interview, then came back for a second interview, and I nailed it! And when I got the call that I got the job I thanked ValpoLife on Twitter right away.”

Williams moved to Portage with his wife not too long ago. He began using social media during his internship at V as in Victor as they are quite big on the social media scene. The knowledge he gained there for social media helped him to get connected and up-to-date on the happenings (and in this case, job openings) in his new town. He was actually introduced to ValpoLife through Matt Valuckis who is the owner of V as in Victor and another great partner of ours.

Williams has a degree in OLS (Organizational Leadership Services) from Purdue Calumet. Ha also served in the Air Force for 10 years. He is now the Project Manager for Steindler Signs & Graphix. His job is to deal with clients and help them get the desired results for each individual projects. He is like the liaison between the client and the rest of the crew at Steindler Signs. On a typical day he will answer emails, do follow up on different projects, interact with clients throughout the day, organize client files, he fields phone calls, and works directly with Jessica Parks who is the Accounts Manager.

“My main focus is making the clients happy and making sure that good communication is kept with each of them,” Williams said. “I find out what they need, see what else we need to get done on our end, just giving them updates. As a customer, you never like have a project going and never hearing about its progress.”

Williams said that his favorite part of the job is the people. He likes that his co-workers are easy-going and fun, yet they all are very talented and take their work seriously.

“It felt like you walking in to a bunch of buddies,” Williams said. “I just really like the way things are run here. And I can tell that there is integrity in this business. And it’s all about the lifestyle. I’d rather work for a small company that has integrity than a large company that doesn’t…I like it here. It’s different and it’s challenging.”

So Tom Steindler and his crew at Steindler Signs & Graphix are not only smart with their work, they are smart with their employee selection. Williams is thriving and producing good work.

“I love having [Dutch] here. He’s doing a great job,” Steindler said.

Congratulations to Dutch Williams and Steindler Signs & Graphix for getting connected with each other. We know that a good addition was found for a great company and we are happy that the connection was made through ValpoLife!