Strack & Van Til provides fresh seafood to the Region

Strack & Van Til provides fresh seafood to the Region

Strack & Van Til has an extensive seafood department with fresh options for all of your seafood desires. Fresh fish, fresh sushi, and dishes made fresh in-store daily are available for purchase as well as bakeable trays and microwaveable bags for those with busy lifestyles. 

Gary Teachman, director of meat and seafood at Strack & Van Til, listed a few of their many fresh fish options: farm-raised Atlantic salmon from Chile, tilapia filets from Honduras or Thailand, farm-raised catfish, fresh ocean perch filets, and countless other fresh options. 

“Our fresh fish is bought through Supreme out of Illinois. They deliver three to four times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday,” Teachman said. ”The variety you'll find is a good wide variety in Northwest Indiana.”

Across all 22 Strack & Van Til locations, the seafood options will differ. Each location’s selection is carefully curated based on the demographics of the area such as culture and ethnicity. 

“Stores will usually carry somewhere between seven and 14 varieties of fish that depend on the size and demographics of the neighborhoods,” Teachman said. “When customers go for their fish, they will find that the options are what they're used to from their family eating prior.”

Some seafood varieties are better for grilling than others. The employees within the department will be able to assist customers in making a selection that aligns with their cooking plans. 

“When you go to Strack’s, you have a nice variety of fresh fish that you can purchase, and most of our seafood people can help you decide on what's the best variety for what you want to do,” Teachman said.

Employees are able to assist with seafood selections for specific recipes or ideas, and also steer customers in the right direction for beginning to eat seafood. Teachman explained there are different tastes some people may not like at first, but there are fish that have a more mild flavor that he recommends for those just getting into the world of seafood.

“If you're a first-time fish person, there are some fish that is very mild. You can ease your way in. Fish has great benefits and is great for you. It’s always great to eat fish,” Teachman said.

The fish is all freshly wrapped in-store, which makes the options at Strack & Van Til a quality choice for those looking to ease into eating seafood.

Customers can also request items through the seafood department if they do not see an item in stock. When customers are looking for that special fish, Strack & Van Til will make a special order to ensure they are able to get what they need. Teachman explained how his family makes fried/grilled oysters each year for New Year’s Eve. 

“There are certain things that we will carry or get for you on request if you don't see them,” he said. “As long as you give them a two-day notice we can get it to you within two to three days.”

For more information regarding Strack & Van Til’s seafood department, please visit the website here.