Strack & Van Til’s Click-and-Collect Online Grocery Service Powered by Instacart Just Got Better

Strack & Van Til’s Click-and-Collect Online Grocery Service Powered by Instacart Just Got Better

Since July, Strack & Van Til has allowed customers to order their groceries online via and pick them up curbside at the store in as little as an hour. Now, Strack & Van Til customers can order trusted and favorite national brands online and have them delivered right to their door. This new option allows customers to save time by eliminating the trip to the grocery store, which could take well over an hour.

“Stracks’ mantra is ‘We want to make our customers lives easier through food,’” said Michael Tyson, CMO at Strack & Van Til. “And this does just that. Whether it’s the busy parents, people who hate to go to the grocery store and/or have trouble getting around this make it easier for them to get food for their family.”

Not only is this great for families and other customers that want to save some time in their busy days, the service also helps Strack & Van Til’s customers that have problems with mobility. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We’ve had plenty of positive feedback, mostly from customers that have trouble getting around,” said Tyson.

The Instacart Delivery option is now available across all Northwest Indiana Strack & Van Til locations. To see how easy it is to use, check out this video of Lifer Jenny Craig-Brown ordering some of her groceries and having them delivered to the Ideas in Motion Media office in Valparaiso!

Instacart, a company started out of San Francisco, has expanded across the country providing a new and high-tech way for consumers to connect with the grocery stores they frequent the most. Since Instacart works with local grocery stores, this eliminates the need for Instacart to have warehouses, delivery trucks and inventory management. The business model has been so successful that in 2015, Forbes Magazine called Instacart “America’s Most Promising Company.”

Today, Instacart allows Strack & Van Til to fulfil its promise to Northwest Indiana of living easier through the food they eat. This is how it works: shoppers visit or use the accompanying mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. After they select the city and store they want to shop at, they can add items to an online shopping cart, much like shopping online at other online retailers. After picking out their groceries, they schedule a delivery window and check out. Then, at the store, a Strack & Van Til Personal Shopper will gather your items, checks them out, and delivers them directly to your door.

All orders on Instacart must be for $10.00 or more. While your first delivery is free, all subsequent delivery fees from Instacart range anywhere from $3.99-$9.99, depending on the size of your order. There is also a membership option, called Express, where users can choose any of 3 membership options (priced $79, $149, and $199 per year) and receive free delivery for all orders over $35. For other FAQs, visit