Strack & Van Til’s e-commerce program creates a convenient shopping experience

Strack & Van Til’s e-commerce program creates a convenient shopping experience

Providing a convenient way for people to access the benefits of business programs is critical for long-term success. Strack & Van Til is leaving an impact that makes the shopping experience a breeze with its e-commerce program, Strack & Van Til To Go.

“Our vision is to make people’s lives easier,” Sara Haddadin, Strack & Van Til e-commerce manager said. “The program offers all sale prices. Our customers can use their rewards and create shopping lists.”

There are several benefits that Strack & Van Til offers to the customers through this program.

“Once the customer puts in their order, our employees start handling them,” Haddadin said. “Everything is available on the site from our easy meal solutions to crock pot recipes. It’s an easy way to shop and save recipes to use at home.”

The e-commerce program focuses primarily on the pickup service and rewards program. Customers have the ability to gather coupons and earn points online. Haddadin also notes that the rewards program is connected to the ibotta app, where coupons can be clipped to receive a  percentage back of their money, as long as they use their rewards phone number. 

Since the website went live in April 2023, Haddadin has been pleased with the immediate success it has been for the business. All 22 franchise locations in Northwest Indiana participate with Strack & Van Til To Go.

“It’s really great because I learn something new every day,” Haddadin said. “I get to know what customers are looking for. Understanding how and what our customers buy is important for us to learn. There might be something that’s popular in stores but not online, or even the other way around. It helps to look at the numbers and see what our online customers want or need the most.”

The website provides a unique experience for every customer the more they become acclimated to using their account.

“The website is able to recognize the items that are ordered most often or recently,” Haddadin said. “When customers go into their account, they’ll be able to see their product they usually buy on a frequent basis. It can also recommend products that fall in line with what they normally buy. There might be new items coming up and our program can detect that in order to suggest something unique. It’s pretty cool because people are able to find something on there that they might not have noticed otherwise.”

When it comes to the rewards program, Haddadin shares that it’s based on the shipping experience within the store. However, there is still a lot of upside in customers that are active users and how it translates to their website.

“Every dollar spent is worth five points,” Haddadin said. “The customers can then use their points for $5 off for 25 discounts online. We also have a personalized campaign that sends coupons according to previous purchases that are available to use both in store and online.”

To find out more information about all the perks with the Strack & Van Til e-commerce program, you can check out its website.