The dogs ruled the pool at The Lakes of Valparaiso’s Puppy Plunge

The dogs ruled the pool at The Lakes of Valparaiso’s Puppy Plunge

As the first day of fall approaches, we mark the passing of summer with ritual. We push our summer clothes to the backs of our closets, we make last-hurrah trips to the lakeshore, we begin sealing up warm-weather amenities like pools. Humans aren’t the only ones who should get a chance to bid adieu to the sunshine season—what about the pups who appreciate it the most? To allow our four-legged friends a proper send-off, The Lakes of Valparaiso hosted their third annual Puppy Plunge on September 19.

Residents and their dogs poured into the pool area for one last dip in The Lakes of Valparaiso’s club pool before it was closed for the season. 

“Since we’re closing it up anyway, we figure why not let residents bring their dogs for the last swim of the summer?” said Leasing Consultant Tricia Toth. 

The excitement climbed to all-time highs with each new guest of honor’s entrance. While some pups were a little hesitant to swim, most of them were ready to mix and mingle. And while some dogs were shy or more on the aloof side, the Puppy Plunge encouraged them to break out of their comfort zone and make new connections. With so much activity to keep up with, it was hard not to engage.

One Pomski, Champ, participated in the Puppy Plunge on the cusp of his fourth birthday. Having not spent much active time around other dogs before, he struggled to narrow his focus on making one or two new friends. Much to the amusement of onlookers, he decided to greet each friend that passed with a bark and a small chase.

“The Puppy Plunge is one of the events that all of our residents look forward to, regardless of whether they own a dog or not,” said Toth. 

So much was obvious in the quarter or so of the crowd that observed from lawn chairs, sans furry companion. For those in attendance with their four-legged friends, the event was all the more entertaining. 

“I love this idea, the concept of having our fur babies join us in the pool,” said Kelli Schultz, dog mom to Hoosier, a Boxer named after Indiana University (Schultz’ alma mater). “This is a really nice opportunity for dogs to get together outside of the dog park. Plus, it’s a spectacle for us residents!”

Hoosier’s dad, Andrew Budgin, tried to coax her into the water, but once she got a sense of how deep it was beyond the shallow end, she was content to sit on the sidelines with her Beagle pal, Bella.

PuPPy Plunge 2019

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Though the swim itself was the main event, The Lakes of Valparaiso staff surprised every Fido in attendance with goodie bags and tennis balls midway through the evening. Once treats were discovered in the goodie bags, some pups had to divide their attention between friendly competitions in the pool and cajoling treats from gullible humans. 

In addition to the uproarious Puppy Plunge, The Lakes of Valparaiso offers many amenities to dogs and their owners, including the Bark Park and a pet care facility that offers grooming. Of course, other pets are invited to live in the community, too. To learn whether The Lakes of Valparaiso is a perfect fit for you and yours, visit