The Glass is Half Full: Support Leadership La Porte County’s 30th Anniversary

glasshalffull“The Glass is Half-Full” is a weekly audio segment you can hear on our Ideas in Motion Media sites that looks at the side of a story that’s rarely reported or focused on - the good news.

In the latest “The Glass is Half-Full” episode, AM 1420’s Brian Brophy quickly gives a shout-out to's 5th birthday, which happened on Sunday. He then takes a look at Leadership La Porte County celebrating its 30th year of promoting community involvement and personal growth in La Porte County. There are several ways you can support Leadership La Porte County in its 30th year, click here to learn more.

Click below to take a listen! Brian can also be heard each Sundays from 2pm - 4pm on AM 1420 WIMS.