The Little Things Do Count

By: Saint Paul Catholic School Last Updated: October 12, 2009

Written by Jane Scupham, principal

Last week the Church celebrated the feast of St. Theresa of Child Jesus, or "The Little Flower." Theresa is remembered for her way of looking for the little ways of trusting in Jesus. She encouraged people to find holiness in their ordinary everyday lives. She felt that the small sacrifices we make for others are a worthy way to a Christian life. After reading about Theresa during the morning announcements, I found myself not only looking for small ways to make a difference around me, but I also had a heightened awareness of the small sacrifices going on around me in the school.

I watched a cafeteria mom help a student open a particularly stubborn snack package. I saw a second grader give up their recess to walk a fellow second grader to the office for an ice pack and then sit in the office with them to keep them company. I saw an aide tie an errant shoelace of a kindergartner. A middle school student bent down and picked up a dropped book of a classmate, even though their own load was rather precarious. An office worker was heard giving "cuts" for the use of the copier to those in a greater hurry. I heard of a fourth grader who ran back to open the front door for fellow schoolmates so they won't be locked out. I heard the praises sung of a mom who always cleans up the social hall after coffee and donuts when no one else offers to help. I saw countless smiles and hugs given by teachers and countless smiles and hugs given in return.

These "little ways" extolled by St. Theresa make Saint Paul Catholic School a wonderful place to work and learn. It's nice to know that we have so many saints in the making. Come and volunteer at school and be part of the journey to find holiness in the ordinary. As in the words of another great saint who the Church celebrated this week, Saint Francis of Assisi, "It is in giving that you receive."