Third Coast is Open!

third-coast-reopenIt seems like just another Saturday morning for breakfast at Third Coast Spice Cafe. Family, friends, regulars and travelers sit sharing a meal with one another. There is no evidence that the restaurant had been closed for the last week due to their recent fire.

The fire happened the previous Saturday. Chef David Wodrich couldn't do anything until he met with the insurance adjuster and everything was squared away. The insurance adjuster came on Monday and Wodrich got the rest of his information to the insurance company on Tuesday, and by noon that day he started texting his staff...who all came to help the cleanup effort. They cleaned Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They cleaned from top to bottom and from left to right. Tables were moved, booths taken apart, ceiling cleaned, dishes, silverware, utensils...EVERYTHING.

They started cleaning from the front of the building, through the dining room, straight through to and beyond the kitchen. Wodrich wasn't taking any chances in leaving any area soiled... they cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It's not surprising that he wasn't taken any chances with safeguarding the sanitary nature of the restaurant, considering all the care he takes in preparing his food.

Server Katie Rader said her muscles ache and she was (and still is) exhausted.

Wodrich stated that his crew has really become like a family (although he's not surprised...because he doesn't have a high turnover rate with his employees). They have been together for so long that they have been through the good times together and the through the rough times as well. It's great that they include him in that family group, too; he's not just their boss. When he needed help they came.

Coming to the rescue too were M.O.M.s Method and Nuvo Cleaners, both neighbors in the strip with Third Coast. Wodrich was amazed with the help and support that people gave during the cleanup efforts.

Wodrich had to get back to business...he has a long standing commitment to cater the local Kiwanis luncheon every Friday and take care of the rest of his clientele. He's back to doing what he does best: cooking some amazing food for anyone who walks through his doors.

Be sure to  stop by for breakfast or lunch and say hi to Chef Wodrich and his crew. Or if you want something different but equally delicious, head over to Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill. It just across the highway so you don't have to go far!