This is What It Means to be a Lady Viking

By: Last Updated: November 13, 2012

ValpoLife took some time to check in with Coach Jeanette Gray, Assistant Coach Lacy Romine, and the VHS Varsity Girls Basketball Team and ask them:

What does it mean to you to play for the Vikes?

What is the game you are most looking forward to this season?

Describe Coach Jeanette Gray in one word.

Stephanie Parker said, “We are strong and we care about each other and push each other. The game that I am most looking forward to is Hobart -during AAU they were our rivals. Coach Gray is passionate.”


Kayla Gates said, “Playing for the Vikes means defense, sisterhood, and leave it all on the court. I’m looking forward to playing Merrillville. I’d have to say that Coach Gray is Intense!”

Kristina Veljovic said, “When I think of my team I think of honor. I can’t wait to play Crown Point, and Coach Gray is very encouraging.”

Andi Sarkisian said, “It means that I must be a positive role model for my school and community. I’m looking forward to playing Chesterton (Cheeseheads). And Coach Gray? She’s sassy!”

Alyssa Gates said, “Teamwork and never giving up is what playing for the Vikes means to me. I really want to play Michigan City. Coach Gray is determined.”

Grace Withrow said, “Playing for the Vikes means that I get to wear the green and white and represent my school. I’m excited to play Chesterton. Coach Gray is tough.”

Kassie Feczko said, “It means to represent your school and play as hard as you can. I’m looking forward to playing Chesterton. Coach Gray is determined.”

Tiara Lara said, “Playing for the Vikes means working together for better season for all of us. I really want to play Merrillville. I think Coach Gray is determined.”

Nicole Chiabai said, “To me, Playing for the Vikes means being close to everyone, trusting and competing with each other to make our team be the best it can be. I’m looking forward to playing Lake Central. Coach Gray is disciplined.”

Karlie Thorn said, “It means to be very proud of the tradition, teamwork, and to help each other get better. I’m looking forward to playing Chesterton. Competitive is the word that I would choose for Coach Gray.”

Yasmine Carrillo said, “Playing for the Vikes means hard work and that we are a family. We get a lot done together. I want to play against Merrillville, and Coach Gray is Persistent.”

Assistant Coach Lacy Romine said, “Tradition is huge here, Coach Gray being an alum, and our kids see that. I’m looking forward to playing Merrillville -it's our next game so always the most important. I think that Coach Gray is passionate and intense.”

Coach Jeanette Gray said, “It means everything to coach these girls. It is the best job in the word and I have been committed to this team since I was two years old. I’m most pumped to play Merrillville. It's the next one. And I would describe my team as hungry. They really want to learn and win.”

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