TLG Peterbilt and Chester Inc. cut the ribbon on huge expansion

TLG Peterbilt and Chester Inc. cut the ribbon on huge expansion

The Larson Group Peterbilt/Great Lakes Peterbilt celebrated cutting the ribbon on a huge expansion on Tuesday. Built by Chester Inc., the new additions include eight new service bays to allow additional workspace for customer’s vehicles.

TLG Peterbilt’s facility was already large prior to the renovations, but business boomed and growth was necessary to keep up. Chester Inc. created a detailed plan on how best to suit TLG Peterbilt’s needs and started up construction back in June. Expansions of this scale, especially next door to other businesses, often turn out to be just as or even more intricate than an entirely new building.

“Infilling between two existing buildings is very challenging,” said Tony Hart, Sales Engineer at Chester Inc. “With our architecture and engineering staff, we were able to navigate that, figure out the problems, and come up with solutions to get this project done. We’re very happy with the way it turned out.”

Along with allowing TLG Peterbilt to work on more vehicles at once, the new service bays also ensures that customers will have shorter wait times.

“Simply put, this allows us to better serve our customers,” said Brett Myers, General Manager at TLG Peterbilt/Great Lakes Peterbilt. “It’ll also create probably 12 to 13 more jobs for our dealership. We’ve outgrown the existing space, so this is huge for us. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re excited to better serve our customers and provide job opportunities to the community. Chester Inc. did a great job.”

The ribbon-cutting was organized by the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce. Board members and other chamber members visited to take part in the ceremony and congratulate TLG Peterbilt and Chester on the completed project.

“Peterbilt’s invested a lot into this community recently and the businesses really appreciate that,” said Nancy Simpson, Executive Director of the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce. “They’ve given back tremendously, and have just been a huge supporter of the Chamber, so we want to do whatever we can to help them grow.”

In addition to the new service bays, Chester Inc. also gave the rest of the building a new coat of paint.

“It’s just a big refresh,” Myers said. “We’re getting everything situated and getting trucks in here to work on. It’s pretty exciting.”

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