Top 5 2015 Spring Business Articles for ValpoLife

The beginning of 2015 has brought forth some exciting business developments in the Valparaiso community. Here are our 5 favorite business stories from ValpoLife! 


TJMS Green Team is on Screen

Thomas Jefferson Middle School has gone green. On Thursday morning a group of nine students were awarded first place in Recycling & Waste District of Porter County's 2014 America Recycles Day Video Contest.

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Life is Covered Thanks to SERVPRO

It takes a lot of time and people to share good news here at the Life HQ. We have a lot of important things here at our office that help us get the good news out to all of our readers. And if something were to happen and we weren't prepared... then it wouldn't be very good news.

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Building a Better Community: How Von Tobel Gives Back To The Community

Everyone loves to support local businesses and save money when they shop. However, too often customers are faced with the difficult decision of having to choose between the best deals or the best service.

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Get to Know a Veteran: Arnell Chevy's Ben Flohr

Military veterans are everywhere. You may know some when you see them and others are hard to spot. They could be your neighbor, a barista at your local coffee shop, your insurance agent… or your car salesman.

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Future Home for Sale: This Disaster Proof, Energy Efficient Home Can Be Yours

What kind of house would you want to live in? Some might say a house with a three car garage. Others might desire a pool in their backyard. Few would ever say they want to live in a dome, or more specifically a monolithic dome. Laugh if you will, but after taking a closer look, “living in a dome” may end up on your priority list.

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